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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What fuel range do I need?

It doesn’t matter, the fuel truck follows us with your personal jerry cans that you bring when you come on tour!

  •  How do we wash our clothes?

There are washing facilities along the way so bring washing powder and $1 & $2 coins ($5 in some spots!)

  • What registration does my bike need?

Interstate recreational registration or Queensland conditional rego

  • What happens if I break down or crash?

We have 3 mechanics on tour, we will assess the machine trackside, if we can repair we will, if not it gets loaded and repaired that night at the next camp. If we need parts we will organize them to be flown in for you.

  • What happens in the mornings?

Everything is subject to change in Cape York but usually breakfast, break camp, riders brief, departure. We have usually left the camp by 7:00/7:30am at the latest.

  • What is the price of fuel in the Cape?

$1.50 / $2.30 p/lt

  • What type of accommodation will we be staying in?

Accommodation ranges from hotel/motel rooms to camping. Accommodation is limited in the Cape, so we share accommodation in some cases. If you are not comfortable sharing with other entrants you can use the Camp cots at most locations.

  • What shops are available on the way?

Shops are limited, if you find you need something extra, contact staff and we will see how we can help. There is a supermarket in Cooktown, Woolworths in Weipa and a general store in Bamaga we will visit.

  • What do we do for drinks when camping?

You will be given a chance to purchase drinks prior to camp nights. 2 esky’s will be provided. We will have water, tea/coffee at the camp.

  • How deep is the water we have to cross?

You should know where your air intakes are and make a judgment call case by case. When we are at a river crossing everyone helps! Last year we carried side by sides across the Pascoe with a tractor tyre beneath the vehicle.

  • Do I have to wash up?

Yes, everyone washes up their own utensils.

  • Can I have a beer at lunch?

You are to adhere to the road rules at ALL times, you must remain under 0.05 at all times while operating under the conditional permit during the tour.

  • What do we do at night?

Generally you will check over your bike, clean air filters and repair any damage from that day’s adventure. Have dinner, a couple of cold beers and a good nights sleep, ready to do it all over again the next day.

  • What do we do on our day off at ‘The Tip’ ?

The day off is a “rest and repair” day. Fix/service your bike if needs it, there are also tours available from Bamaga/Seisa to the Islands if interested. You will be responsible for your own lunch on the day off.

  • What insurance do I need?

It is highly recommended that you have some form of travel insurance.

It is highly recommended that you have rider protection.

It is highly recommended that you have accident protection for your machine.

We have some great insurance policies available, please contact Jane for details.

  • How can I charge my devices?

We have a custom charging bank so just bring your USB lead.

  • Can I have a coffee in the morning?

Yes, we have a gas powered coffee peculator.

  • How do we know where to go?

We use the cornerman system so there will be someone guiding you at every corner.

  • What size bag can I bring?

60lt duffle bag is the maximum size bag we carry due to storage constraints.

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