General Information

1269-F800x800Extreme Quad Adventures; this trip will be an adventure of a lifetime!

Airport Pick up

Please forward arrival details to to book a lift from Cairns airport. Mossman is approx. 1.5 hrs drive from Cairns.


This tour will be a mixture of accommodation and camping. Accommodation will range from motel rooms to resort style rooms. We prefer 5 billion star camping to allow you to have the ‘real Cape York experience’.


Stretcher beds/Camp cots will be provided at Camping stops. The Camp cots are “Oz Trail Camp cots”. they are 2m by 80cm wide.


We strongly recommend Bringing a self inflating mattress, sleeping bag and pillow. This should be rolled and placed into a waterproof/dust proof bag for protection. This is VERY important, your trip will be compromised if you do not sleep well. If you would prefer to bring your own swag, please contact Colin with Details. Hot showers and toilets will be available at all campsites.



All meals will be provided. Meals will range from restaurant bistro style meals to open fire or camp oven cooking depending on location.
Our aim is that everyone goes to bed with a full stomach and a smile on their face._DSC0798

Mandatory Ride Gear

  • Australian standard approved helmet
  • Boots
  • Long sleeve shirt/Jacket
  • Long pants
  • Eye protection
  • 2x jerry cans

Advised Ride Gear

  • Body armour
  • Jacket
  • Knee/elbow guards
  • Nylons
  • Neck brace
  • Jersey
  • Spare goggles and lense

Personal Equipment

  • Sunscreen and Hat
  • Bed roll or swag. To go on stretcher bed. (remember it can be cool at night)
  • Toiletries / Panadol /Nurofen / monkey butt cream/powder
  • Jacket (nights can get cold)
  • 2 sets clothes for night and day (less is best, there are some limited laundry facilities on the way)
  • Personal First aid kit
  • Towel
  • Small Torch, Head Torch.
  • Camera (pref. waterproof)
  • Joggers

The Riding

The riding on this trip will range from easy to very difficult. We will be traversing a wide range of terrains from rainforest to sand dunes, beaches and highways to mountain tracks and logging trails. There will also be creek crossings, river crossings and bull dust holes. Almost every day a different type of landscape and terrain.

This event is not a race, it requires rider and machine to endure some of Australia’s toughest tracks. Over 3000km, averaging 320km per day. It is an endurance event, if you look after your machine it will get you there and back.

Relaxed Attitude

This event operates in ‘Cape York time’; Our staff are seasoned professionals, focused on service, who are well versed in Cape York problem solving. If there are issues (and it’s guaranteed there will be issues) we ask that you remain calm and help our team to solve the issue.  Bad attitudes will not be tolerated. Anyone deemed by the trail boss to be causing trouble or affecting the moral of the group will be removed from the tour and escorted to the nearest public transport. This includes antisocial behavior at the overnight venues. EQA staff will not risk the future of this event, please be mindful and respect others.


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CV Savers


Quad Safe Australia


FN Quad Riders


Royal Flying Doctors Service

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